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Delta to partner rugby referees in the Otago community

Delta to partner rugby referees in the Otago community

From left, Otago referees Eden Brown and Kate Fowler showcase their new uniforms for the 2015-2017 season.

Otago rugby referees have a new supporter for 2015, with Delta joining the team as the principal sponsor of the Otago Rugby Referees for the next three years. 

Delta chief executive Grady Cameron says, “We’re proud to be principal sponsor of Otago Rugby Referees and support the dedicated men and women who give their time and skill on winter mornings and keep the game fair and fun for everyone. We’re delighted to help out community rugby in all grades from under-11s to premier level, boys and girls, men and women from Owaka to Maniototo.

“Volunteer referees are at the heart of community sport. They encourage honest competition and playing with respect, friendship and team spirit. Our most visible support will be on the field with the new, modern uniforms that reflect the important contribution referees make.  We are impressed by the Otago Rugby Referees Association’s commitment to skills and fitness development, recruitment and retention of referees and encouraging fair play on and off the field,” says Mr Cameron.

Otago Rugby Referees Association Chairman Jim Thomson says that the partnership with Delta will provide vital support to community rugby. “Every season, 2,500 people of all ages, play rugby throughout Otago in over 1,500 games. The sponsorship from Delta will go towards kitting out our 120 match officials and help cover travel costs, particularly for country referees who are frequently must drive long distances to attend games.

“What’s more, Delta’s sponsorship will support referee development.  We are actively recruiting new referee talent, running training and fitness programmes and will be offering scholarships to help attract tertiary students to refereeing in Otago. Local referees have gone on to national success and are currently in high performance refereeing.

“We are delighted to have Delta as part of our team and look forward to working with them in the seasons ahead,” Mr Thomson says.

Each year, Otago Rugby Referees Association provides 120 volunteer match officials at over 1,500 rugby games for junior, secondary school and senior teams in front of 15,000 spectators a week.