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This news article will be updated with the latest information on COVID-19 for Delta staff members. 


COVID-19 Response Plan

COVID-19 Response Plan Update 1 

Suspected Case of COVID-19 in Frankton Depot

COVID-19 Response Plan Update 2

COVID-19 Response Plan - Update 3

DELTA ALERT - 22 March 2020

COVID-19 Response Plan - Update 4

DELTA ALERT - 23 March 2020

COVID-19 Response Plan - Update 5

COVID-19 Response Plan - Update 6

Payroll Information during COVID-19

Payroll Information during COVID-19 - Update 1

COVID-19 Response Plan - Update 7

Delta Working From Home Protocol

COVID-19 Response Plan - Update 8

COVID-19 Response Plan - Update 9

Ministry of Social Development - Employee Privacy Statement

COVID-19 Response Plan - Update 10

COVID-19 Response Plan - Update 11


Coronavirus COVID-19 FAQ's - 18 March 2020

Health Alerts

Delta Health Alert Coronavirus 

Delta Health Alert Coronavirus Update 1

Delta Health Alert Coronavirus Update 2

Other resources

World Health Organisation Poster - Wash hands

World Health Organisation Poster - Protect others

Ministry of Health Poster - Coronavirus COVID-19

Ministry of Health Guidelines - Self-isolation

Mental Health Part One - Tips for self-isolation

Mental Health Part Two - Supporting colleagues and customers

Mental Health Part Three - Supporting children

BBC - Five ways to work well from home

EAP - Coping with stress during infectious disease outbreaks

EAP - Tips for parents and caregivers on media coverage of major events

EAP Services e-Flyer No 36


Microsoft Teams - Basics Guide

Microsoft Teams - Calling Someone

Microsoft Teams - Chatting

Microsoft Teams - Making Meetings

Microsoft Teams - Quick Overview (video)

Microsoft Teams - Sharing Documents