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In The Community

At Delta, we’re big believers in supporting our communities. In fact, our whole service is built around providing essential infrastructure services to New Zealanders, every single day.

Through our community sponsorships, we look to Do It First, Do It Right and Do It Together, because that’s the way to forge strong and meaningful relationships with our partners. For more information on becoming a Delta sponsorship partner, check out our sponsorship guidelines.

Rākau o te tau | Tree of the Year Aotearoa

Delta is proud to partner with NZ Arboricultural Association to bring the inaugural Rākau o te tau / Tree of the Year Aotearoa competition to life. This competition is for all New Zealanders and acts as an interactive celebration of the special trees that are part of our lives and communities.

The goal of Rākau o te tau is to highlight the significant trees throughout Aotearoa with emphasis on the stories and heritage that connect us to these trees. For more information on how you can get involved, visit Tree of the Year.

Charity Challenge

What is it

The Delta Charity Challenge is a company-wide safety initiative designed to keep health and safety in mind amongst employees.

How does it work

Every time an employee reports a close call or identifies a new hazard, the Delta Charity Challenge fund increases. When the fund reaches a certain threshold, the best entry is selected and that staff member gets to choose the charity they would like to donate to.

Why do we do it

This initiative is our way of giving back to the many communities that Delta operates within.