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About Us

About Us

Infrastructure is vital to keeping our world running and to support our people, towns, and businesses. But it’s also complex and technical – and it’s changing rapidly.

Delta’s operational teams work tirelessly behind the scenes in your community. We keep your power on through summer heat and winter chill, we keep the trees down your street trimmed and tidy, and we keep your kids’ favourite parks lush and green.

With more than 600 skilled professionals, we provide a full range of energy and environmental management services wherever they’re needed. And we keep pace with where infrastructure is going – adopting new skills and technologies, and using our experience to develop new services and solutions as the world keeps turning.

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Our Vision

Great people shaping better communities together.

Our Purpose

  • Local professionals with innovative ideas, passionate about serving our communities.


Think boldly and actively seek improvement – because breakthroughs come from fresh ideas.


Do what’s right by our customers and by each other.


Openly share ideas and work together, with our customers and our team, to get the best results.

Delta Utility Services Limited (Delta) is fully owned by the Dunedin City Council through its commercial holding company Dunedin City Holdings Limited and accordingly is a Council Controlled Organisation as defined by the Local Government Act 2002.

Here you’ll find biographies of our Board of Directors, selected corporate policies and copies of annual reports.

Each year, Delta’s Board of Directors prepares a Statement of Intent including the company’s corporate governance statement, goals and performance indicators for the approval of its shareholder, Dunedin City Holdings Limited.