Safety Services
Safety Services

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Safety Services

When it comes to electricity, safety is paramount. Delta takes safety very seriously and has set the goal of “everyone home safe every day”.

To help keep communities safe Delta provides the following services:

  • Safety disconnections to allow homeowners/electricians to work safely on private property
  • Installation of cover up equipment where bare live conductors are a hazard
  • Location and mark-out of existing underground electrical cables
  • Processing of close approach permits, including advice where appropriate
  • Stand-over of contractors when they are working close to electricity network assets
  • Arranging and providing high load escorts
  • Electrical Inspection Services, including:
    • Pre-purchase electrical checks for residential homes
    • Inspections and livening of new installations
    • Inspections of commercial and industrial prescribed electrical work
    • Specialist Inspections of “body protected” and “high risk” areas in hospitals, Universities, etc
    • Caravan Electrical WOF

If we can help you stay safe, contact us today.