Private High Voltage & Industrial Services
Private High Voltage & Industrial Services

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Private High Voltage & Industrial Services

Stable electricity supply is essential for industrial customers.

With electricity network infrastructure as our core business, we are well placed to provide services to industrial customers who have their own high voltage networks and equipment. We specialise in maintaining transformers, switchgear, protection relays, high voltage motors, generators and other critical components.

Delta has a reputation for providing cost effective and pragmatic solutions. Our services are wide ranging and can be customised to meet your requirements. We currently provide the following to a range of industrial customers:

  • Asset inspection and condition monitoring reporting
  • Maintenance scheduling advice
  • Competency training on HV network operations
  • Design, build, maintain and operate privately owned HV equipment
  • Procurement

Providing a full range of supply and maintenance services for industrial clients as diverse as hospitals, ports, manufacturing plants and gold mines is not a simple task, but Delta has got the skills and expertise to solve complex problems and keep your business running.

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