Distribution Services
Distribution Services

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Electricity distribution networks take high-voltage electricity from the national grid and distribute it at lower voltages to homes and businesses.

Delta designs, builds, repairs, tests and maintains electricity distribution networks across the South Island. This includes equipment such as substations, switchgear, transformers, cables, poles and overhead lines.

We have very experienced people ready to help you in the Tasman, Central Otago and Otago regions. Our range of services covers all aspects of distribution, including the ability to complete work using live line methods without turning the power off.



Delta can provide a full design service for distribution networks that encompasses electricity and communications infrastructure, including new subdivisions reticulation.

We design:

  • Subdivision reticulation
  • Underground Services
  • Overhead Lines
  • Distribution Substations and Switching Stations
  • Secondary Systems – Protection and SCADA



Delta can provide you the full end-to-end service for your underground assets. We have extensive experience and capability in cable networks that covers a wide range of cable types up to 33kV. Our expertise extends to Oil and Gas filled cable technology, Paper-insulated lead covered, Polymeric cables, and more modern high voltage cable types. Our services include:

  • Design
  • Civil works
  • Cable installation
  • Cable jointing and termination
  • Cable testing and fault diagnostics
  • Cable preventative maintenance and fault repair
  • Cable location and Standover



Delta can provide you the full end-to-end service for your overhead assets. We have extensive experience and capability in overhead networks up to 66kV.

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Preventative maintenance and fault repair
  • Glove and Barrier and Hot Stick live line techniques up to 33kV

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