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Sports Turf

The result of an entire game can ride on the quality of the playing surface - imagine a cricket ball bouncing the wrong way, or a rugby player on the way to a try tripping over a rut, just because of poor maintenance!

Maintaining turf and lawn surfaces takes specialist care. So with our turf renovation and lawn care know-how, we’ll keep your playing surfaces and lawns in top shape, regardless of the climate or season.

We renovate and maintain existing fields and surfaces with specialist expertise in turf line marking, mowing, fertiliser planning and application, weed and pest control, and irrigation and drainage. We can also manage and maintain your facilities, landscaping, lighting and electricity systems.

And with our full range of horticulture services, you can leave your sports grounds and public spaces with us, and know they’re in good hands.

So whether it’s teeing off or batting on, contact us today.