How Can We Help?

Tree Assessment, Surveying & Inspections

Delta regularly assesses trees for health and safety and compliance with legal requirements from infrastructure such as powerlines and roads. In New Zealand, landowners are required by law to complete regular and thorough inspections of trees. A systematic inspection of a tree can uncover flaws and problems with a tree that landowners may need to attend to. Delta uses two internationally recognised systems Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) and Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ).

Tree surveying is used to identify and assess for health, condition, age class and importance. Delta worked with the Central Otago District Council to survey all trees across the region. The collection of this data allows us to efficiently plan and prioritise maintenance for the entire region and enables long-term planning to build resilience in the Council’s tree assets for the current and future community.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Proactive maintenance is the key to getting the best out of your trees; little and often will give you the best results and most likely save you money in the long run. However, if your trees have gotten away on you, we can help with that too.

Delta Tree Services offers a complete range of pruning and hedging solutions. We can work on trees of any shape or size and clean up the mess – leaving you free to get on with your weekend.

Powerline Clearance

Trees and powerlines don't mix, but not as badly as trees, powerlines and untrained people. Let us take the risk out of clearing your trees from over-head power and service lines, we have the right equipment, insulated tools and trained staff. Don't risk it, get us in - we'll make it safe and easy.

As a tree owner, you are responsible for keeping your trees clear of power lines. Learn more about the legal requirements and Growth Limit Zones.

The Difference We've Made

Bob's Peak, Queenstown

At Bob's Peak in Queenstown, we trimmed more than 90 Douglas fir trees near the Skyline gondola. The 40-50 metre tall trees were growing near high voltage overhead lines which supplies the Skyline gondola operation. This work was necessary to maintain the network's reliability and avoid interruption to tourist activity through tree related power outages.

Tree Removal & Felling

Tree removal and felling is where non-professionals can make disastrous, expensive and dangerous mistakes. Don’t risk it.

Our team of highly skilled and qualified arborists can take your trees down safely, no matter where it is or how big it is. We have the latest tools and equipment at hand, so we can remove even the most complicated trees from the most awkward places.

The Difference We've Made

Botanic Gardens, Dunedin

Extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc on local areas and unfortunately, a storm event affected multiple trees in North Dunedin. One of the saddest casualties of this event was a large elm tree in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens. The tree growing beside the children’s playground had suffered massive structural damage but was somehow still standing. We worked with the Dunedin Botanic Gardens to efficiently bring the tree safely to the ground. For the safety of all, the lower gardens were closed while members of the Delta tree team worked suspended from a crane. We completed the work efficiently and the Gardens were reopened to the public shortly thereafter.

Property Redevelopment, Waikouaiti

In Waikouaiti, we worked with a property owner to address the large unusable and dark areas caused by very mature Eucalyptus trees. Delta inspected the area to develop a programme of works to fulfil client wishes while minimising interference of the birdlife. Our tree team removed the over mature trees by crane in order to avoid property damage and proceeded to prune and shape the remaining trees. This has provided gainful usage of the property and also supplied woodchip garden mulch and firewood to the owner.


Problem trees are often created from the day they’re planted, so making sure the right tree goes in the right spot is vital.

Delta Tree Services offer the full range of tree planting services: sourcing, selecting, planting and after care.

Because a well-chosen tree planted in a carefully-selected place is a gift that keeps on giving.

Cable Bracing & Tree Support

Do you have a tree that you like, but have concerns about its stability? Consider supporting it. Delta Tree Services offers a full range of cable bracing and tree support installation to keep your trees standing for longer – and set your mind at ease.

The Difference We've Made

Gair Avenue, Cromwell

In Central Otago, the cooling effects of trees during the summer is very desirable however shading in the winter can be problematic.

Delta worked with the Central Otago District Council to brainstorm and implement a solution to accentuate the positive and reduce the negative. What followed was a massive project involving the installation of root guards to control and direct root growth and pruning to reshape and resize the trees.

The overall result was positive as we managed to balance the needs and concerns of the local community while reducing nearly 90 plane trees on Gair Avenue in Cromwell – all the trees were retained with their size and growth controlled.