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Did you know that you’re legally required to keep your trees clear of power lines?

Delta Tree Services provide specialist utility tree trimming and vegetation control work, whether it’s your first free cut or trim or subsequent pruning work – you can find out more here.

Delta Tree Services are approved to work on the Aurora Energy Network, so we’re the obvious choice when your trees are anywhere near power lines. Thanks to our aerial ‘lift’ trucks and insulated tools, we can work around the lines safely and efficiently.

We won’t even leave a mess behind – our chippers quickly recycle branches and brush into useful wood chip.

Commercial Tree Services & Large Projects

Proper pruning and care will ensure you get the best from your trees.

Delta offers a complete range of tree and arborist services and works to the highest standard, following international pruning guidelines and national health and safety standards. We work with local authorities, commercial customers and households to manage trees safely and sustainably.

If your tree’s past its prime, we can replace and remove it. With our specialist tools and equipment, we’ll ensure the work is done safely, without damage – or a mountain of branches to get rid of.

Contact us today, and let’s talk trees.