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Strategic Connection

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Strategic Connections

A Strategic Connection is defined as a larger project of strategic significance to the Aurora Energy Ltd. These projects generally have longer timeframes, are more complex, and are higher in value. 

Consultation and Design Package

Due to the complexity of such projects, Delta offers a Design and Consultation Package. This will be at a cost proportional to the size of the project.

The purpose of this service is to provide the customer with

  • Site Visits / Meetings
  • Correspondence with Aurora (on your behalf)
  • An approved project scope
  • An approved Aurora Design
  • A finalised Quote

Before committing to this package, Delta will offer a basic consultation and estimation for your project.

Timeframes for strategic connections vary from project to project so this will be communicated with you when your project has been assessed.

Strategic Connection Process

Customer contacts Delta

Delta provides basic consultation and estimate

When sending the estimate, Delta offers a Consultation and Design package.

Customer accepts Consultation and Design package

On payment of the Consultation and Design package

Delta carries out site visits, etc, and provides an Aurora-Approved detailed Design and Quotation to the customer

Customer accepts quote

Contract documentation signed off by Customer, Delta and Aurora



The process, costs, and timeframes may vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Whether an existing network connection supply point is available 
  • The type of network connection supply point required, depends on the available capacity 
  • The number of connections you require and whether these are temporary or permanent 
  • The available capacity as well as fuse and phase requirements (your electrician will provide these details)
  • The size of the current job queue for new connections 
  • The conditions of the worksite and the complexity of the job
  • When associated sub-contractor services are available (as these are managed by third parties) and the availability of equipment and materials required  
  • Other technical, legal, regulatory and administrative factors (including resource constraints)
  • Easement agreement and sign of by external parties

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