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Simple Connection

Before you begin...

Do you have an Electricity Retailer?

Have you consulted a qualified electrical professional before applying? You will need to know specific information like the number of phases and the capacity required.

There may also be vegetation on site that needs clearing. This falls outside of our Get Connected services, however, Delta offers specialist tree services. More information can be found here.

Simple Connection timeline

Once we have assessed your connection application, we will provide you with a Quote. Upon acceptance of the quote and after your application is approved by Aurora (which Delta will submit on your behalf) we can schedule and carry out the works. This process can take approximately 2-4 weeks.

The process, costs and timeframes may vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Whether an existing network connection supply point is available 
  • The type of network connection supply point required depends on the available capacity 
  • The number of connections you require and whether these are temporary or permanent 
  • The available capacity as well as fuse and phase requirements (your electrician will provide these details) 
  • The size of the current job queue for new connections 
  • The conditions of the worksite and the complexity of the job  
  • When traffic management services are next available (as these are provided by third parties) and the availability of equipment required  
  • Other technical, legal, regulatory and administrative factors (including resource constraints)

Useful Links

Capital Contributions Policy

Network Connection Standard

Aurora Energy website

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to pay a contribution towards connection to the Aurora Network?

Customer-initiated work on the Aurora Network could require funding from both the customer and the network owner (Aurora Energy Ltd). The value of your contribution will vary depending on the connection type required. The contribution requirements are set out in Aurora’s Capital Contributions policy which can be found here.

Who owns the equipment?

Aurora owns the network equipment up to the point of supply. Equipment beyond the point of supply is usually installed, owned and maintained by the customer. 

Why does Aurora need an easement?

Electricity easements are important because they benefit both Aurora and landowners by: 

  • Protecting a landowner’s safety by formally recording the location of the electricity reticulation equipment on their property title. 
  • Provides Aurora with legal rights to access your property so that they can operate, maintain or replace their equipment. 
  • Easements are required over installed Aurora owned electricity equipment to allow those assets to remain on private property and to provide Aurora Energy with ongoing access rights. 
What happens if my quote expires?

If a quote is not accepted within 30 working days, we will close your application.  If you would like to proceed with the work after the quote has expired, please apply for a new connection and we will issue another quote. This is because material prices or site conditions may have changed since the original quote was issued.

When should I apply for a new electricity connection?

Please do so as soon as you can, as this allows us more time to be ready to connect when you are. We encourage you to discuss your electricity connection requirements with a registered electrician prior to requesting a new connection.