Most of New Zealand’s electricity is generated far from where the energy is used. Transmission carries high voltage electricity from power stations to industry and communities.

A robust transmission grid underpins reliable electricity supply and a competitive electricity market and connects renewable energy derived from rivers, hilltops and geothermal fields to end-users.

Delta has the expertise in the design, build, repair, testing, monitoring and maintenance of electricity networks.

Whether you are upgrading or maintaining existing infrastructure or installing new transmission, Delta has the specialist technical expertise and technology for the job.

Plus, you can rely on us to provide a full range of services including design, fibre-optic communications, earthing, testing and condition monitoring.

We improve network reliability for our customers by applying smarter thinking and the right technology.

Delta’s advanced cable systems provide real-time monitoring throughout the entire cable installation, from manufacture to delivery, installation and livening.

Our people are on the spot where you need them, reducing emergency response times and supply interruptions.

Contact us today for smart thinking on your requirements.

We do:

Frankton GXP

First response for Transpower substation trips and equipment isolation and switching operation services

Roxburgh to Clyde 220-kilovolt transmission

Design and construction of 11 line crossings to enable upgrade of Transpower’s Roxburgh to Clyde 220-kilovolt transmission line

Southland 33-kilovolt assets

Specialist cable testing services on Transpower’s 33-kilovolt assets in Southland