Retailer Services

Retailer Services

Delta offers a comprehensive range of metering and maintenance services, meter reading, test house and workflow management services for leading electricity and gas retailers and municipal water suppliers.

We’re a one-stop-shop, providing every service you need to manage your metering infrastructure efficiently and reliably. The depth of our in-house expertise means we have the flexibility to meet your needs.

We forge longstanding partnerships with our customers who depend on us to manage their metering installations in all networks throughout New Zealand. We take the long-term view to achieve the best value from your metering infrastructure, using sophisticated information systems to maximise its economic life.

We carry out inspections and audits of metering infrastructure customised to your requirements. For Contact Energy, we performed a nationwide audit of 168,000 electricity meters to provide them with up-to-date information for improved asset and revenue management.

Our reputation for providing quality data sees customers choose us for their nationwide metering asset reviews.

We like a challenge, and relish coming up with smarter ways for retailers to manage their customer usage and metering asset information.

And whether you need monthly, two monthly or three-monthly meter reads, we can tailor the frequency of meter readings to suit your requirements.

We own significant metering assets throughout the country ourselves, so we better understand your requirements when it comes to outsourcing the management of metering assets.

Contact us today for smart thinking on your requirements.

We do:

Meridian Energy

Nationwide field services, metering services and meter reading

Power Shop

Meter reading and field services for selected networks

Contact Energy

South Island field services and meter reading, nationwide audit of 168,000 electricity meters to provide meter owner with up-to-date condition status for improved asset and revenue management


Meter reading for Rockgas reticulated gas systems in Central Otago and Christchurch

Payless Energy

Meter reading in Dunedin

Nova Energy

Gas meter reading in Dunedin


Smart meter deployment and metering services in selected North and South Island networks


Smart meter deployment and metering services in Dunedin

Mercury Energy

Field services in Dunedin

Simply Energy

Meter reading in selected South Island networks

Energy Direct

Field services in selected North Island networks

Metering services

Delta offers a full range of metering services, from the design of metering solutions to long term asset management and maintenance and installation of metering equipment.

Our highly skilled and qualified electrical inspectors, registered electricians and metering technicians design, install, maintain and test metering equipment. We inspect and certify new and refurbished meter installations for industrial, commercial and residential customers.

We have extensive experience in the provision of electricity revenue metering solutions, from residential metering, through to high voltage industrial installations and generation stations.

In the field, we provide electricity connections and disconnection services, new installations of smart and legacy meters, meter changes, tariff changes, meter fault testing and repair, meter checks and audits across your entire network.

Plus, our 24/7 dispatch call centre is always there for rapid, responsive service when you need it.

Meter reading

Accurate, on-time meter reading is critical for energy retailers needing to manage precious resources reliably and safely, and to meet their own customers’ expectations for error-free billing.

And because our trained meter readers are visiting people’s homes and workplaces, we know the importance of professional, courteous service and accurate meter reading at all times.

We offer an extensive network of meter-readers and technicians, combining in-house personnel and external partners to give comprehensive, on-the-ground coverage throughout New Zealand.

We use the latest technology to automate and digitise meter reading services and share meter reading information with our customers. Our WalkTrackNet application captures meter reads directly on mobile devices, then transfers the information automatically and accurately to our customers' systems.

Major electricity and gas retailers and municipal water suppliers trust us with their meter reading requirements.


Our dedicated workflow management system, DeltaView, manages work from the initial customer request to task completion.

With DeltaView you can dispatch work, such as a new meter installation or final meter read, from your system. The task is then logged in DeltaView and assigned to our service technicians to perform.

You can track job progress and get up-to-date status information including GPS location and photos via our secure website or your own system.

In combination with our meter reading system, WalkTrackNet, DeltaView reduces service response time by up to 20% and offers our customers significant improvements in efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

Smart meters

Delta is at the forefront of the transition to advanced metering systems and has experience in the deployment and maintenance of smart meters and communications networks. We have the know-how and technology to advise on the best solution for you.

We provide in-field connections and reconnections, fault diagnosis and repair of smart meters and communication repairs. Plus, we have experience in radio mesh and cellular systems providing communications infrastructure to connect smart meters to retailers.

Testing and calibration

We test, calibrate and repair domestic and high accuracy electricity meters and other precision instruments in our ISO 17025-certified testing laboratory. We hold Class A and B test house and ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

With a wealth of experience, including representation on national industry bodies, Delta ensures full compliance with relevant Electricity Authority, regulatory and safety standards.