meters calibrated

meters calibrated 1


of powerlines maintained

11,221km of powerline maintained

Energy is at the heart of our business. Delta had its beginnings in development of one of New Zealand’s first hydro power stations, the Waipori Falls Dam, in the early 1900s.

Today, we build and maintain the energy infrastructure powering New Zealand homes and businesses.

In electricity, we provide services to generation, transmission, distribution customers, to industrial, commercial and residential electricity users, plus electricity metering and testing services.

In gas, we offer pipe installation, metering and gas-to-energy conversion.

Safety is our number one priority, we promote safety in all that we do. Health and safety systems, processes, training and monitoring are applied throughout the organisation.

We are at the forefront of the transition to tomorrow’s smart grids as electricity networks evolve to meet the demands for greater energy efficiency and increased use of electric vehicles.

We maintain the country’s seventh largest electricity distribution network, Aurora Energy.

Contact us today for smart thinking on your energy infrastructure requirements.