available Internet speed on ultrafast broadband over fibre

1000Mbps available Internet speed on ultrafast broadband over fibre


estimated Internet users worldwide

2 Billion estimated Internet users worldwide

Communications infrastructure carries the voice and information data essential to modern life, connecting people and businesses near-instantaneously.

Delta is at the leading edge of deploying fibre-optic networks delivering access to faster speeds and greater bandwidth for the next generation of Internet services from cloud computing to on-demand television.

High-speed communication also underpins the next generation of electricity infrastructure. Smart grids rely on two-way, real-time connectivity to manage information flow intelligently between energy generators and consumers.

In fibre optic communications, Delta offers design and engineering, project management, asset management, installation, maintenance and fault response services.

Our specialist personnel includes telecommunications line mechanics, fibre splicers and technicians, project management staff and civil construction expertise.

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